Prof. Memberships

Professional Memberships

Luke Reynolds Hairdressing are proud to work closely with a number of industry associations to ensure all aspects of our business are in keeping with trends and regulations. We take this privilege seriously and endeavour to offer the highest standards and business practices to our valued staff and clientele.


The Australian Hairdressing Council sets standards for salons and represents the professional hairdressing industry nationally. Its members are accredited salons, product companies and associated industry members who have united to ensure that operational standard are high; career interest and recruitment improves; and the Federal Government recognises and responds to unique industry issues.

As Gold Accredited members of the AHC (Australian Hairdressers Council) we are certified as providing “high-quality salon services and clean and hygienic conditions, professional stylists and staff who can understand just what you need”.


Hair & Beauty Australia is our industry’s leading association- providing advice, business support and guidance for hairdressers and industry business owners.  As a member of HABA we are able to ensure we are always in line with national standards and regulations, and able to attend forums and contribute to changes and advances within the industry.


Goldwell are our trusted colour supplier and their MBE industry association, of which we are a member, works with and assists salon owners to reach the very highest levels of business practice. Annually, MBE host both a National and International forum, inviting members to attend an intensive 4-day conference packed with seminars, workshops and networking events. We value our strong relationship with MBE and their commitment to the hairdressing industry and its members.

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