The Interex collection is inspired by strong, architectural lines with inner depth. The collection juxtaposes edgy, precise design with the whimsical and romantic; a throwback to 80s excess meshed with the fresh ideas of the present day. The strong, structured external shapes cultivated in each of the six looks serve to contrast with a feminine, textural interior design. Modern high fashion has been influential to this collection, with the tough yet feminine aesthetic of Balenciaga and Vogue Italia speaking to both sides of today’s woman.
Industrial Metallica - Madison Lamb
Australian Apprentice of the Year Finalist
2015 Goldwell Colour Zoom - Madison Lamb Finalist
Madison Lamb placed third nationally.
2015 Goldwell Colour Zoom - Kate Blore Finalist
Judges Highly commended award for Queensland Hairdresser of the year.
2014 Goldwell ColorZoom Entry - Kathy
2014 Goldwell ColorZoom Entry - Brendan
7th Ave
National Finalist for Australian Apprentice of the year.
Finalist for Queensland Hairdresser of the year.
National finalist for New Creative Force Hair Expo.
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